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The MG Ring - MG Cars is a British sports car brand and former manufacturer, which was founded in 1924. MG Cars is best known for its

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The MG Ring

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MG Cars is a British sports car brand and former manufacturer, which was founded in 1924. MG Cars is best known for its two-seat open sports cars, but MG also produced saloons (sedans) and coupés. More recently, the MG marque has also been used on sportier versions of other models belonging to the parent company. This Web Ring is all about the MG...




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Overdrive Controller for Triumph, MG, Volvo, others
Tired of your overdrive engaging while shifting gears? Forget to turn the overdrive switch off after stopping for a light or making a turn, just to have the overdrive engage while accelerating away? Need a simple way to prevent the aggravation of your overdrive engaging when you least expect it to? This controller is the solution to those problems, and will also reduce the wear and tear on your overdrive and drivetrain.
Star Auto Electric Company
We especialize in the remanufacturing of all automotive British generators, alternators, starters, windshield wiper motors. We also carry voltage regulators, automatic battery chargers and other electrical related components.
The English Fantasy
All about the MGF and TF. Details about the cars, the version and loads of info about styling and tuning your roadster. Don't forget the picture pages of events.
Ken and Gloria's British Sports Cars
Information and pictures of our British sports cars. Includes a 1974 Triumph Spitfire and both a '65 & a '79 MG Midget with many links to restoration sites, parts sites, and other interesting info.
the VDUCK MGB Page!
This site is dedicated to my efforts to restore my 1978 MGB to its former glory. Included are details on work performed so far, future plans, a diary of MGB experiences and a few pictures.

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The MG Ring

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The MG Ring
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