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Allegro - Allegro. A webring for game programming library.

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Allegro. A webring for game programming library.

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Complex Creations
This site will provide some of the stuff you will need as a programmer in C or in HTML. We also have links, programs, and tutorials that can help you with your studies.
Wacko Software's Allegro programming page
A collection of bits and bobs relating to Allegro. All of Wacko Software's Allegro programs are here. Also on this page is the Allegro add-on AllegroPak.
DJGPP Games Programming
Home of Mappy, a neat utility for making 2D graphics and levels for games. SOurce available for DJGPP and Allegro. Maybe some games in 1998.
Site highliting my productions: computer graphics, demos, music and more. Take a look.
Kings of the Boards Homepage
'Kings of the Boards' is a game being made using DJGPP and Allegro. Here you can get some info, see some screenshots and download a playable version of the game.

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