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Pagan Cat Lovers Ring - Whether you work magick with feline familiars, have a special relationship with the Goddesses Bast & Sekhmet or just lov

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Pagan Cat Lovers Ring

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Manager: catanna
Whether you work magick with feline familiars, have a special relationship with the Goddesses Bast & Sekhmet or just love the company of cats, come join this gathering of feline friendly witches, Wiccans and eclectic Pagans :-)

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   Sacred Serpent - Path of Wisdom and Oneness Preview Go
Shrines of the Goddesses Bast and Sekhmet. Info and articles on the Goddess Bast, general Goddess Spirituality, Women's Empowerment, Shamanism, Earth Matters, Magick, Yoga as a spiritual path, Shiva consciousness, enlightenment, Oneness, spiritual experiences. Workshops, medicine ceremonies, distance healing, poetry and more!
   The Cat Goddess Bast Preview Go
My site features information on the Egyptian cat goddess Bast (Bastet).
   Meditative Cat's Guide to Helping our Animal Friends Preview Go
Be an advocate for animals! Adopt a shelter pet, prevent animal cruelty and abuse, protect wildlife and help animal rescue agencies through the world. Animal welfare info, free graphics and awards for sites that care and links to shelters and rescue groups, spay/neuter programs and humane societies.

   Winged Bast A Cat Goddess Preview Go
A tribute to the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast and mystical magickal felines everywhere. Art, ritual, history, lore, spirituality & magickal resources.
   Cat Coven Preview Go
Within this site, you will find information regarding Cats and how important they are to us as well as how they affect our lives. We will cover topics such as their influence in Ancient Egypt, Cat breeds, gods and goddesses formed of and from the Cat, the Egyptian Mau and other breeds, Cats throughout history, the modern Cat, how the Cat was seen during the 'Burning Times, Cats as familiars and more...
   FMD top list Preview Go
a list for pagans,artists,crafter s,musicians,cat lovers & cat rescue,feel free to add your site.
   The Meditative Cat Preview Go
Pictures of cats and other natural wonders, animal welfare info & clip art, rainbow bridge memorials, Maneki Neko the lucky beckoning cat, the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast & feline inspired jewelry & costumes from cat-obsessed CatAnna & her furry family Harmony, Pouncival and angelcats Monday & Honeybear. Home of the Society of Meditative Cats, the Circle of Healing Purrs & the Photogenic Cats Webring.
   Watermark Preview Go
A Poet's Notebook Queen of Friday Cat Blogging
   Something Witchy:Magickal Products, Crystals, Tarot Preview Go
Magickal Products : - Amulets and Talismans Best Sellers Jewelry Books & Calendars Journals & Blank Books Candles & Candle Holders Oils, Oil Rings & Diffusers Tarot - Cards, Decks, & Kits Steampunk Bumper Stickers, Magnets, & Decals Note Card & Posters Ritual Tools & Spell Supplies Clothing, Patches & Pins Statues Craft Items Windchimes Treasure Boxes & Chests Day of the Dead Cauldrons Stones, Cr
   Magic, TEMPLE REBUILDING, Aura, Elements, Chakras, ... Preview Go
Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, Solomon's Temple Rebuilding in Jerusalem 2007-2008, Spiritual Alchemy, Kundalini Awakening, Elemental Magic, Chakras System, Human Aura Reading and Cleansing, Atlantis and much more... Occult-Advances.org

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