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Archaeology and history-themed websites worldwide...

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   Off the Beaten Path - Explore and learn in the outdoors Preview Go
Outdoor, travel and history site by two retired Boomers. It combines geocaching, letterboxing, munzees, orienteering and related activities with history, travelogues, tips and commentary. Our quests include historical sites, forts, battlefields, ghost towns, parks, urban exploration and back country wilderness. We seek out little known places to explore, photograph and write about. The more challenging or remote they are, the better we like it. We hope to promote lifelong learning and curiosity about our world, especially in young people. If you are looking for ideas to teach and motivate kids, get them active outside and have some fun together, this site offers a lot. There's no armchair traveling. We've been to every place on these pages. The content is ours. Most of it is Off the Beaten Path.
   The Archaeology and Heritage Blog Preview Go
This blog examines multi-disciplinary archaeological and cultural heritage topics by observing past human cultures via the artifacts, monuments and landscapes they created. It hopes to provide information relating to archaeological and historical investigations, ancient world sites and museums, preventative conservation and ethical issues relating to the protection of our heritage and the antiquities trade. Themes will include periods from the origins of the human species up until the last century.
   Divetheworld diving the world. Preview Go
Out there hunting shipwrecks and aircraft that have ditched. Extensive gallery of photographs and a forum for discussions.

   A Guide to Oswestry & Border History & Archaeology Preview Go
This website is dedicated to the history and archaeology of Oswestry in Shropshire England and it's Welsh borderland neighbourhood. The split between counties and countries can often be a barrier to finding information and this site attempts to draw together these sources to be more visible to any interested party.
   The Harappan Tradition Preview Go
The Harappan Tradition is web-based attempt at an evolutionary ethnological synthesis of the cultural phenomena known variously as the Indus Valley or Harappan Civilization. What I mean by evolutionary is that as I read I will continually rewrite sections and re-synthesis the data. I want this to be a universal volume which will almost immediately reflect changes in our understanding of the Harappan Tradition.
   Tales of the Immortal Night Preview Go
Tales of the Immortal Night: the Greek Myths of the Constellations and Photographs of the Galaxies takes you on a magical odyssey of the cosmos. With the epic sagas of ancient Greece covering the sites of history and tours of the Hubble Deep Space Telescope photographs, your relationship to the night sky will be transformed forever.
   On This Date in North American Indian History Preview Go
1000s of historical events, tribal name meanings & alternative names, calendar information & links to 1000s of other sites
   Mysteries in Stone Preview Go
This award winning site explores the mystery and splendour of life in Ancient Egypt. It is aimed at beginners and experts alike. Offers free email - The Scribe - which is accessible from anywhere in the world
   The Orion Zone Preview Go
Star Correlation Theory in American Southwest. A pattern of "ancient star cities" (Anasazi/Sinagua ruins and Hopi villages) in Arizona mirrors EVERY major star in the constellation Orion. The web site showcases a book in progress called "The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest" by Gary A. David. As above, so below.
   Archaeology Links Preview Go
Links to some interesting websites about archaeology, with a link to my own page about archaeology in Poland.

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