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Lotus Sutra Net - Open to any website which honours the Buddha Dharma in its many varied forms. All branches, leaves and flowers of Buddhi

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Lotus Sutra Net

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Manager: dtempelaar
Open to any website which honours the Buddha Dharma in its many varied forms. All branches, leaves and flowers of Buddhism are welcome here! "Even though the Buddhas of the future will teach hundreds of thousands of kotis of innumerable paths to the Dharma, their teachings will actually be for the sake of the single vehicle." (LS:2)

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   LotusSutra.net Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The short-cut address for Nichiren's Coffeehouse, the RingMaster's Buddhist homepage.
   Nichiren Shoshu Links & Resources Preview Go
An extensive listing of informative Nichiren Shoshu websites around the world. Includes books available through Amazon.com.
   Honmon Butsuryu Schools Preview Go
Links and resources for Honmon Butsuryu Shu and Honmon Butsuryu Ko in Japan and around the world.

   Lotus Sutra Stupas Preview Go
Interfaith stupas and peace pagodas, mostly Nichiren related.
   World Peace Pagodas Preview Go
Go on a pilgrimage on the 'net to one or more of Nipponzan Myohoji's lovely Peace Pagodas and Sanghas in Japan and around the world!
   SGI Around the World Preview Go
The most extensive listing of official and non-official webpages on the Soka Gakkai International.
   CampRoss-ji-ha Kannon-shu Preview Go
The spiritual wanderings and pilgrimages of a 20 year buddhist. Includes pics of my altar which has evolved into a 3D representation honouring the Lotus Sutra using the many forms of Kwan-yin, the Mother of Compassion, She who Hears the Sufferings of the World.
   A 12 Step Program for Nichiren Buddhists Preview Go
A tongue in cheek exploration of the 12 Step Program which begins: Step 1. I admit that I have become powerless over the daimoku - hopelessly addicted to its gentle drone.....
   Directory of Lotus Sutra Schools in Hawaii Preview Go
An extensive interfaith listing of Buddhist temples, community centers and sanghas in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, the USA and the world.
   Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Mandalas Preview Go
An interfaith website with links to cool galleries in the Nichiren, Tendai, Shingon, Pure Land, Tibetan, Theravada and Taoist traditions, with original webpages on Shichimen, the Dragon Goddess of Kuonji; the Demon Mother Kishimojin, who appeared in the Lotus Sutra to vow to protect its votaries; and the humorous post-modern sutra, Frodo Crosses the Sea of Suffering.

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