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Like, Totally Awesome! The '80s Ring - Untitled document If the popular culture (everything from dolls and toys to TV live-action shows, cartoons and even comm

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Like, Totally Awesome! The '80s Ring

Manager: genessa
Untitled document

If the popular culture (everything from dolls and toys to TV live-action shows, cartoons and even commercials, from music to politics, from cars to cultural icons) of the 1980s enthralls you, you'll want to visit the sites in this ring!  Pictured on this page:  the original cast of Hill Street Blues, a 1981 summer replacement that became the forerunner of every realistic show we've got in the 21st century!  On the NavBar:  detail from EP (cassette in this case) cover for Chronic Town, the first release by the now iconic musical group R.E.M.


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Greatest American Hero - 08/11/2013

One of my well remembered TV series from the early '80s was Greatest American Hero (1981-1983), a quirky super hero series which featured an unlikely and fumbling everyday guy as its protagonist. I think what made the series so likable was the sense that the "hero" was someone who never even sought the role, a well meaning person who had hero status thrust upon him and tried to deal with it as best as he could. Neither the hero nor the show took themselves too seriously. William Katt starred as the unlikely hero, Ralph Hinkley, a schoolteacher assigned to a special education class. Connie Selleca stars as Pam Davidson, an attorney who handled Hinkleys divorce, but soon becomes his love interest in the show. Ralph's last name was changed to "Hanley" after an assassin whose last name was Hinkley attempted to kill President Reagan in March of 1981.  The great Robert Culp played FBI agent Bill Maxwell, who somehow linked up with Ralph and Pam, and often provided the more hard-edged strategic mindset which the others lacked. Together, the disparate trio repeatedly found themselves batting bad guys after an unexpected encounter gave Ralph his super powers. During an trek in the desert, Ralph and Bill had a close encounter with space aliens. (I always thought the spaceship was cool.) The aliens beamed down a special suit which only Ralph could use, and which was the source of his powers, which included such typical super hero abilities as flight, invisibili...

Greatest American Hero

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